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ZAP Double Trouble Stun Gun | 2 Stun Guns in 1

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The Double Trouble Dual Stun Gun is like having two stun guns in one. TWICE the contact -- totaling 1.2 Million Volts -- TWICE the stopping power!

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Detailed Description

Two Stun Guns in One

The Double Trouble dual stun gun offers you double protection with double the shock within a single non-lethal weapon. Delivering an impressive 1.2 million-volt shock, this device is sure to stop any attacker in his or her tracks. This stun-gun features 5-inches between each contact, in comparison to others that only have 1 to ½ inch between the contacts. This feature is what improves its effectiveness, as the increased space between each contact increases the area of shock on the attacker.

The Double Trouble is also comfortable and easy-to-hold with the soft rubber coated grip. This device also comes with a convenient hand-strap which improves control over the gun as well as a belt-clip and nylon carry case. These features offer a way to keep your stun gun close by and ready for use. This 6.9 oz., 6” in length Stun Gun, is a powerful weapon that is the ideal size to transport in a handbag. The size and design offer an easy way to carry the device in one of your hands when you walk from a shopping area to your parked car, or in a parking garage when you are at work. This Stun Gun is also suitable for men, and due to its compact design is suitable for use by just about anyone. There is a red LED light on the top part of the gun, which indicates when the gun is ready to use.

If you are in search of a Stun Gun that is able to deliver 2 stun guns in 1, this is definitely the product for you. With double the stopping-power, increased space between the contacts, which translates into an increase space between the shocks, a brief touch from this weapon will cause confusion and pain. For a contact that is longer, the attacker will drop to the floor and become disorientated. This gives you ample time to run away and get the help you need. The aim of the non-lethal weapons is to offer you with a way to escape after you have disabled your attacker.

It is always a good idea to trust your instincts. When something does not feel right, you should always try to remove yourself from the situation as fast as you can. Yet when you are faced with a situation that you will need protection, the Double Trouble Two Stun Guns in One can offer you with a way to fend off an attacker and get to safety.



  • 1.2 Million Volts and 4.3 milliamps
  • Dual Stun with 5" in between contacts
  • Easy grip coating
  • Safety Switch w/ red LED on/off
  • Two CR123A batteries included
  • Hand / Wrist Strap included
  • FREE Nylon Carry Holder w/ Belt Clip (valued at $15)
  • 6" Long and Weight of 6.9oz.

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