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Pink Slider Pocket Stun Gun [SAVE 10%]

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You're gonna love the pink metallic Slider Miniature Stun Gun with Flashlight that is tiny enough to fit in your pocket!

Also available in Gold, Silver, Blue, and Black.

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Detailed Description

The pink Slider pocket stun gun has the look and measurement of a regular USB flash drive. At a teeny 3 1/2 inches, the slider is the smallest stun gun for sale on our website. However, this pocket stun gun is loaded with 10 million volts and charged with 4.9 milliamps of electrical current to produce a powerful and efficient attack deterrent. An added feature is the handy dandy flashlight with wrist strap.

The Slider works by pushing a switch forward to pump the stun gun, and then turning it off with release.

Comes in 5 metallic colors, and includes a charger, charging chord, and wrist strap.

Are Stun Guns Legal in My State?


Mini Pocket Stun Gun Advantages

A small pocket stun gun has some advantages if the small size still has ample voltage and amperage to pack a hard punch. The Slider may be the smallest stun gun we market, but the 10 million volt / 4.9 milliamp combo is enough powerful electrical current to stop any mugger and they will never see it coming.

Another advantage to carrying our miniature stun gun is that it fits almost anywhere -- in your pocket, in your purse or backpack, even stuffed into your sports bra. It's small enough that you can wrap your hand around it and it would be completely concealed by your fist. A tiny stun device that is also disguised as a common everyday object gives you an advantage over any attacker that would not be suspecting you to be armed with a non lethal self defense weapon.

The Slider is a powerful stun gun, but it is also very affordable, making it a good choice for females who may be on their own in college or raising a family and have a need to budget their money. They are less than $18, and if you purchase the metallic pink pocket stun gun Slider, you will also get an extra 10% off of the price as we have all our pink stun guns on sale.







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