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Mace® Screaming Aerosol Alarm

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Alert those around you with the Mace® Screaming Aerosol Alarm that emits a harrowing high pitched sound that can be heard a quarter mile away!. Scare off an attacker or an animal while signaling for help at the same time.

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Detailed Description

When you are going someplace that pepper sprays and stun guns are not allowed, take along the MACE Screecher Personal Alarm that will signal for emergency and be heard for up to 1/4 of a mile away from you. This Mace screaming aerosol alarm has a screeching 125 decibel high pitched sound that will shake an attacker and signal for help at the same time.

The Mace screaming alarm comes in a 10 gram compact size that makes it easy to store in your glove compartment, or carry with you in your pocket or bag. It comes with an easy  push top that will activate as soon as you press down on the activator. You can press for 20 - 30 quick second spurts as you hold the can away from your ears. The horrendous sound that emits from the aerosol horn will drive animals and attackers away. No attacker will want this kind of attention drawn to him.

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