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Mace® Pocket Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye

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Mace® Pocket Model - Triple Action Defense Spray protects your with it's combination pepper spray, UV dye, and Tear Gas.

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Detailed Description

The MACE Triple Action Defense Spray may look tiny, but packs a huge punch with a combination of OC pepper, CN tear gas, and UV dye all working for your self protection. Aim, spray, and run far away while the triple action defense spray does its job of temporarily blinding an assailant, causing him excessive coughing, hacking, and choking, and marks him for police to catch after the fact. This extra small size contains less than 1/2 oz (11grams) and is the perfect size for a woman to hold in her hand, or carry in her handbag or even pocket. It has a safety flip top that keeps it safety locked until you're ready to use. The dispenser is easily aimed and sprayed with your pointer finger. Reaches between 6 and 12 feet and you can spurt it 5 times.


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