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Take Down | OC Spray Neutralizer

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Be sure to carry this Mace Take Down OC Spray Neutralizer as a backup plan in case you come in contact with pepper spray. The natural herbal extracts will give you relief from the agonizing symptoms associated with oc sprays.

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Detailed Description

Take Down OC Spray Neutralizer comes in mist form and can be sprayed onto areas of your skin that have come in contact with pepper spray. This drastically shortens the time it would take to recover from decontamination while relieving the symptoms associated with oc sprays. 

If you carry pepper spray as a self defense weapon, you might want to carry the OC pepper spray neutralizer in case you accidentally come in contact with the pepper spray. This could happen if the wind is blowing, or you have to run through the pepper spray to safety. It is also a good idea to carry the neutralizer if you are going to any big events, rallies, protests, etc., where pepper spray is sometimes used by police to get crowds under control.

Net Weight 50g / 1.76oz, Net Contents 50mL / 1.69fl oz

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