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Pepper Gun Spray | Mace Brand 2.0

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The Mace® Brand Pepper Gun® Spray 2.0 provides distance defense with laser light accuracy. A must have for women to carry for protection.

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Detailed Description

The Mace Brand Pepper Gun Spray delivers with it's improved technology that sprays a powerful stream of oleoresin capsicum pepper up to 20 ft no matter the angle. It has a DUAL MODE laser LED light to distract an attacker and help your aim to be laser accurate after dark. The steady LED flashlight feature is activated by pressing the trigger once. The second time will activate the pulsating LED laser like strobe.  An OC Pepper Cartridge and a Practice Water Cartridge are included.  Refilling the pepper gun spray with the cartridges is easy. Attach accessories to your gun with the integrated Picatinny rail.

(3) x 1.5V AG13/LR44 batteries included.

A Review For Mace Pepper Guns

Being able to take care of yourself is very important. Luckily, the Mace Pepper OC Spray Gun can help with this. Pepper Spray for self defense is a great option for having on hand, whether it is for yourself or for a loved one. When it comes to pepper spray guns, the Mace Pepper OC Spray Gun is one of the best and here's why:

1. Reputation. Pepper spray has been supplied by Mace for a number of years. Through their time in the business, they have maintained a quality product as they do what they can to make advancements in non-lethal self defense products.

2. Size and Appearance. The Mace Pepper OC Spray Gun can easily be carried in a pocket or handbag due to its small size. Or, if you desire, you can purchase a holster for it. Plus, it looks like a regular pistol and can be quite intimidating when a possible attacker sees it.

3. Ease of Use. It's quiet simple to load the spray gun, plus it comes with a safety switch.

4. Accurate. If you have to use the spray gun you want it to be accurate and this gun does just that. The cartridge is able to shoot seven blasts within a 25 foot range using Bag-n-a-Can technology.

5. Options. In order to test the pepper gun, there is an included water test cartridge. This is nice for those who are new to using this type of weapon.

6. Safety. The Mace Pepper Gun comes complete with an LED light. This allows you to not only see the attacker, but to also improve your shooting accuracy and disturb the vision of the person who is up to no good.

7. Choices. The gun is available in four different colors. If you want yours to look like a real gun, you may want to go with black or orange/black. But the choice is yours.

I believe that anyone would benefit from this defense weapon. The oc spray gun is perfect for women and men alike. It is great for walkers and runners who may encounter unwanted animals or people. Plus, it is cost effective and has some great features. Everyone should place one in their home and in their car and keep it with them in a variety of situations.


Pepper Spray comes in several forms, such as liquid, foam, gel and fog forms. The percentage of the chemicals in the pepper spray are what make it effective. Our pepper spray guns have 10% OC in them are powerful when sprayed in the face and eyes of one who wants to do harm to you.


So what is OC?


OC stands for Oleoresin Capsicum and the capsaicin is the active ingredient that is derived from peppers. This chemical compound in OC spray will have an instant effect on the eyes, causing them to swell shut and temporarily blind a person and make them feel their head is a ball of fire. It will also cause a person to cough in excess and feel as if they are going to choke and can’t breathe. However, this is just temporary and will provide you with ample time to get out of harms way and alert the police.


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