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Did you know that every 98 seconds somebody somewhere in the United States of America will be sexually assaulted? That is a startling 570 people a day. While sexual violence is everywhere in our society and culture, there is one group that needs to be made most aware. If you are a female, attend college, and fall between the ages of 18 and 24 years, you are three times more likely than the rest of the female population to experience sexual violence.

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Trigger Stun Gun is good for College Students


The Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun would be a good self defense product for college students. It's features make this device easy to handle. You can use as just a flashlight while walking after dark on campus. If you detect possible problems, slip the wrist strap about your wrist and get the stunning device ready to use. Voltage and amperage are such that direct contact with a body will temporarily immobilize them even through thick clothing. If the stun device is taken from you, the strap over your wrist will pull free from the device and disable it. The nice thing about this particular stun gun is the easy, breezy, lemon squeezy trigger on the side of the device. You will not have to worry about finding a button to push because you will just have to squeeze the trigger and make contact.

If you are a female college student, I recommend you consider this Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun to carry with you on your college campus if you live in an area that allows such self defense products. If not, please check out our personal alarms. There is something for everyone to protect yourself with, whether it is a stun gun, pepper spray, or a personal alert alarm.



Instructions on how to use your Trigger Stun Gun:


  • First thing you will want to do is read through the instructions that will come inside your stun gun box. Read them thoroughly all the way through for vital information on the use of your device and warranty.
  • Take the stun gun out of the box and out of the holster and then wrap. Look your device over and get to know how your device works. Notice the prongs on the end as you do NOT want to touch this part of the stun gun. Also take note of the squeeze trigger button on the side as this is how you will activate the electric shock.
  • Find the ON and OFF switch. The OFF mode will keep the device inactive in case you squeeze the trigger by mistake. Know that when you switch to the ON position and squeeze the trigger, there will be a loud crackling sound and you will see sparks between the prongs. It can be a little scary at first, so just be aware and be prepared so you don't drop your stun gun and do damage to it. You want to hold the device away from you and squeeze the trigger for a second only. Firing in the air for longer than a second can do damage to your device and forfeit the warranty. NOTE**This does not apply when you have made contact with a person. You can hold down as long as you need to stop the attacker.
  • Get familiar with the carry holder and practice quickly removing and replacing the stun gun quickly. 
  • Practice turning on your stun gun and quickly firing it with the squeeze of the side button. Just like the military practice until they can perform automatically and without thought, getting used to your TRIGGER will help you to react quickly and correctly if ever in a stressful situation and you need to act fast to protect yourself. Don't forget to turn your device to OFF when you replace it in its carry holster.
  • Before you ever head out, decide first how you will carry your stun gun. You can conceal it in your purse, but you will need to have it where you can quickly grab it in your hand if necessary. Other places you might consider are your pocket, on your purse strap, or clipped somewhere around your waist. Fast and easy grab and use access is most important.
  • Best places to aim for when using your stun gun are the torso, hips, or around the neck. Do not worry about an attackers clothing. Good voltage and amperage will provide the necessary electrical current needed to stun right through a coat or thick clothing. Just make contact, squeeze the button trigger, and hold until you feel your attacker has been immobilized. Run away quickly and call the authorities.