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Li'l Guy

Advantages to owning a smaller stun gun like the Li'l Guy Rechargeable Flashlight Stun Gun by Stun Master is that it's easy to carry with you, it's easily concealed, and it's affordable. The Li'l Guy is easy to carry because it's less than 4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. This would easily fit in even a small purse, or in your jacket, coat, or pants pockets. It's easily concealable because of the small size. With your hand wrapped around the device, nobody would know what you were holding. It's small size makes it easy to hide from others. Another advantage is the affordable price. The Li'l Guy is one of the cheaper stun guns, yet it has much restraining power for its tiny size.


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The cattle prod was the forerunner to the stun devices used by police forces, armed forces, and civilians today. Those models were big and had low voltage and amperage. Batteries most likely charged the cattle prods and had to be changed often. Even still, these precursors were great personal protection for those who used them.

Today our stun guns and tasers are more refined. Cutting edge, high tech features of modern stun devices give owners an advantage with small, discreet size, and more reliability. Some models are disguised in common everyday items, and some are so small that you can wrap your hand around them to hide easily. Today’s stun guns may be smaller, but they are powered with much better voltage/amperage combinations to stop attacks most effectively.

How effective is a small stun gun at protecting you? Very effective.


The Li’l Guy Stun Gun is not the smallest stun gun, but it is a little less than 4 inches in length, making it very easy to stick in your handbag, backpack, or even your pocket. The Li’l Guy comes with a keyring so you can even carry the stun gun on your keychain for convenience. Some great features of the Lil Guy is that it has a safety switch so you cannot activate the stun gun accidentally. A wrist strap with disable pin is also included and deactivates the stun gun if taken from you. It also has a flashlight mode so you can use the LED after dark. Another great feature is the built in charger where plug prongs slide out to plug in outlet to charge, and slide back in out of your way when not in use. This 12 million volt stun gun is powered with 4.4 milliamps making it a very effective small stun gun choice.

Other small stun gun choices are available also. The Slider is our smallest stun gun and looks just like a flash drive and is about the same size. It is most easily concealed in the hand or pocket. It also features a flashlight and safety strap that goes over the hand and around the wrist. The Slider is smaller than the Li’l Guy and has less voltage, but with the highest of amperage, it is just as effective.

The Multiguard is a newer stun gun and though a little bigger than the Lil Guy, it features the only stun gun flashlight with an alarm. It also has our highest voltage and highest amperage together, making it most powerful as a stopping force.

What happens to an attacker when stunned with a small stun device?

Because criminals are looking for easy targets, sometimes just the sound of an activated stun device will stop an attacker before he tries anything. It’s proven that noise alone could deter an assault, as the criminal will move on to an easier target.

If you want the advantage over an assailant, a tiny stun gun that is easily concealable is the way to go. They will not see it coming, and you will catch them off guard.

Every electric shock device has to actually touch a person for at least a second to cause enough pain to be a deterrent. It has been described as being hit with a baseball bat, or hitting your elbow, only an all over body kind of pain. Two to five second contact will disturb the attackers brain and effect the control they have over their muscles. It will often knock an assailant to the knees if not all the way to the ground. Smaller stun guns work best if held over several seconds of contact.

Where you touch an attacker with your stun device will determine their effectiveness. Always aim for large muscle groups, such as the chest, back, neck, thigh or groin for best results; however, stunning anywhere will be okay, as in a desperate situation you will probably not be thinking about where the best place to aim is. Stun guns work through thick clothing, so no need to worry about making contact with raw skin.

Small stun guns are an effective personal protection product because the miniature size makes it easier to carry and easier to conceal than the larger stun devices. Being prepared for possible attack is the best defense a person can have, so having a device that can be easily toted with you either on your keychain, in your hand, or in your pocket will be most beneficial. Pick a stun gun that you feel comfortable with, and make sure you are confident in knowing how the device works, and keep it with you at all times.