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  • The Benefits of Investing in an Automatic Switchblade Knife

    The automatic switchblade is a knife features a spring-loaded blade that holds the blade closed with a catch. To activate the blade all that is required on your side is to push down on a lever or button which is positioned on the knife’s handle and the blade snaps open. These types of knives are ideal for everyday use and provide an array of benefits over the conventional knives, assisted-opener knives, or flippers.

    Here are a few of the benefits that the automatic switchblade knives offer:

    1. When it comes to the flipper or assisted-opener knife, you will usually need to adjust your grip significantly after the blade has opened. In comparison, the switchblade knife does not require such an adjustment once the blade opens. This makes these OTF (which stands for Out The Front) knives much faster when compared to other types of conventional knives or flipper knives.

    2. You are able to draw the blade out without the need to exert any force on the blade itself, which makes these knives a safer option. It provides a lever or button which operates on engaging the knife. When opening the assisted-opener knives, you need to apply a certain level of pressure directly to the blade before the mechanism that opens the blade takes effect. These knives also do not provide a button to engage the knife.

    3. The switchblade knives are durable and made to withstand various conditions due to the fact that they are designed for everyday use. The automatic switchblade knife is typically made from materials that are durable, long-lasting and strong such as aluminum, metal and stainless steel. They last for a long time and are ideal for frequent use.

    4. Switchblade knives are also described as multi-purpose gadgets and there are a host of benefits linked to owning one. You can use the knife for everyday tasks such as opening letters, packages, sealed-wooden boxes, opening tin cans or even cutting up vegetables. These OTF knives are also useful for outdoor adventures such as trekking trips where you can use them as a wilderness t5survival tool.

    5. They are also great for fishing expeditions. This is one of the mandatory tools when it comes to fishing as it allows for a way to remove hooks, cut lines, along with performing various other undertakings which make fishing tasks easier.

    6. They Are Sharp

    Sharpness associated with switchblade knives are superior when compared to conventional blades. This also means you will require a lot less effort when planning to use the blade to cut something. This makes it the ideal camping companion for preparing your meals out in the wilderness.

    7. You Can Use It As A Self-Defense Weapon

    This sharp, lightweight and compact knife is the ideal weapon if you are under attack. The knife also fits easily into a purse or a pocket, making sure you are always prepared whether you are out in the wild or walking down a dark alley on your own at night.

  • Diversion Novelty Safes - Smart Way to Hide Valuables

    Go through any newspaper today or watch the news tonight and you’ll notice that crimes against property and people are on the rise. It’s highly likely, now more than ever, that you’ve been a victim of such a crime or you know someone who has. As our economy continues to worsen, property crimes continue to rise.

    Property crimes can be anything from commercial or residential burglary, to the looting or vandalizing of a business or home, to the theft of property from a home or vehicle. Robberies and home invasions have also been on the rise in recent days and are crimes against you as an individual as well as on your home.

    Because of this, people are now looking for new, and better ways to protect their things. Jewelry, money, important papers, and things of value are what burglars will often target. In most cases, once burglars target a home, they may spend days, weeks and even months watching the owner’s movement to learn their routine and wait for the right moment to attack and steal what the owner has worked so hard for.

    Not so long ago, the best way to protect valuables in your home or business was to purchase a safe, and they were not that cheap. At the same time, safes didn’t complement the décor in most homes. Furthermore, there was the expense of opening a safe should its lock malfunction or if you forget or lose the combination. Another popular option of safeguarding personal belongings and valuable items amongst some people is hiding them in common spaces like drawers within their homes. While burglars may spend several weeks watching you, that doesn’t mean they aren’t pros. They’ve undoubtedly spent years learning and perfecting their trade. Experienced thieves know where to look for valuables such as under sinks and desk drawers, or behind closets, or in dresser drawers.

    Morton Salt Novelty Safe

    Want to beat burglars at their own game? If yes, then why not hide valuables in plain sight! Wait, what? Yes, in plain sight. However, there’s a twist. While your valuables are in plain sight, they’ll be cleverly hidden within something known as a Diversion Novelty Safe. Diversion safes are an exact duplicate of common everyday items like shaving cream, common food items, bath or kitchen cleaners or a product you’d find in a workshop or garage. The only difference is that the diversion safe possesses a hollow compartment with a bottom or top that opens up allowing you to put your valuable inside, close it and place it back among the rest of the items in your home. There isn’t a thief who will pick up a can of cleaner and start washing your kitchen sink unless they are a cleaning freak. Most thieves will look under the sink but even an experienced one will not be able to identify the bottle or can that holds your prized possessions and won’t even try to find out because he doesn’t have the time to do so.

    Diversion novelty safes are also very handy especially when traveling. Many of us have has to deal with the dilemma of whether or not to leave jewelry and money in the hotel room or to go with it to the beach. Instead of leaving your valuables at the hotel, why not put them in a novelty safe that is designed to look like a soda can? You can then place the can in your cooler. The only problem you might have to encounter is remembering which soda can is your hidden safe.

    These safes are an affordable way of providing a reasonable level of security for valuable items and money. While traditional safes can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousands of dollars, a typical diversion novelty safe costs about $6 to $40. It's smart. It's affordable. So, why not take the necessary steps to protect what's yours and improve security for your importants before becoming the victim of a crime?

    Visit Stilettos and Roses for a variety of diversion novelty safes and find the perfect one to hide your valuables!

  • Bear Sprays

    bear spray self defense

    Severe to fatal bear attacks do happen in North America. In the last eight years, there have been 23 reported bear attacks, three in 2018 thus far, and the most recent being September 14, 2018 in Teron Wilderness in Wyoming. North America is home to the brown bears (Grizzly and Kodiac), black bears, and polar bears. They are most often seen in mountainous and wilderness regions, from Alaska, to Canada, to Arizona, to New Jersey. Most attacks occur while people are hiking, camping, or hunting in these regions, and in most bear attack cases, the bear is tracked and killed even though they are protective and territorial and people have invaded their homes.

    Although attacks are rare, if you enjoy the outdoors in areas where black, brown, or polar bears call home, it would be wise to prepare yourself with counter attack defense spray, as it could save your life. Having defense spray can deter attack, keep you safe, and keep the bear from being put down.

    Here are some common questions people ask about bear spray deterrents:

    What is Bear Spray?

    Bear spray is just like self defense or police used pepper spray, except it is a little more potent. While self defense or police grade pepper sprays contain no more than 1.3% capsicum, bear sprays can contain up to 2% according to the EPA.

    Bear spray is used to deter bear attacks. It comes in a canister and reaches from 15 to 30 feet depending on the brand you choose. You can rely on bear spray deterrents to do their job when they are administered correctly.

    What’s in Bear Spray?

    Bear sprays contain the extract of very hot peppers (capsicum) that will cause the bear to have eye irritation and breathing difficulties that cause the bear to stop aggressive behavior and even possibly to flee the area, but ultimately will not bring any harm to it.

    How to use Bear Spray

    Bear spray is effective when used in the correct manner. It is not a deterrent like mosquito or bug spray that you spray on yourself, but is intended to be sprayed in the direction of the bear to deter it from attacking you.

    One study confirmed that bear sprays stopped aggressive behavior between 90 to 100 percent of the time, depending on the type of bear.  In all cases studied, only 2% were injured after spraying the bear spray, and injuries were minor. Bear sprays are more effective than lethal gun use, and a much better option for self defense.

    Stilettos and Roses wants to provide you with the best in bear spray protection. Choose from Mace Fogger Bear Repellent and Guard Alaska Bear Spray Self Defense.

  • Best Stun Flashlight for Joggers, Runners and Walkers

    In the age of health and wellness, many women have taken up outdoor means of exercising for the fresh air, the interesting scenes, and the vast areas of exploration. In my city alone, there are numerous parks with walking tracks around them and when driving by at any time day or night you will see women getting in their daily routine walk or jog. While exercise is important, being alert, prepared, and always on guard while exercising alone is life-saving.

    I have composed a list of the top 3 best stun flashlights for joggers, runners, and walkers who choose to exercise at dusk or after dark alone and the reasons why I believe these are good choices:

    1. The TALON - The TALON is uniquely designed with the jogger, runner or walker in mind.  As you know, whether speed walking or jogging / running, one will likely clench their fists. The TALON was designed so that you can hold it in your hand while exercising and is shaped so that you will clench the stun gun as you move about. The TALON is a super bright 120 lumen LED flashlight that you will need if exercising after dark. In the event you need the TALON for self defense, with a slide of a button with your thumb and a quick squeeze of your palm, the TALON turns into a powerful 18 million volts and 4.7 milliamps of crippling electrical shock. The easy grip and operation design is what makes the TALON the best stun flashlight and our #1 choice.
    2. The MULTIGUARD - The MultiGuard is a stun gun, flashlight, and alarm all in one self defense tool. This flashlight stun gun with siren alarm makes the list because of its triple action line of defense combo.  It has a 120 lumen LED flashlight that lights your path when exercising at night and also blinds temporarily if aimed right in the eyes. If you need to draw attention to yourself, the 120 decibal siren alarm will have all eyes on you when activated. As a stun gun, it has the highest voltage / amperage combination of all our stun devices and contact with an aggressor will render them powerless for several seconds giving you ample time to get to a safe place. This stun gun is a good size to be carried in your hand and is easily operated with your thumb while carrying.                                                                                                
    3. Gold Tactical Stun Flashlight - The gold Tactical Stun Flashlight has unique features that make this our third choice for best stun flashlight for joggers, walkers or runners. It is our brightest LED flashlight at 180 lumens, an extremely bright light that can temporarily blind when you shine it in someone's eyes. It's a great first line of defense when you are on the jogging path. The LED flashlight is zoomable, with a narrow beam and a more broad flood beam that covers more territory. The flashlight is made of high quality aluminum that also makes this device a heavy duty striking baton that can inflict pain if necessary. When switching the safety switch off, you move the device into stun gun mode. You then have in your possession 18 million volts and 4.8 milliamps of criminal stopping electrical force. Another great feature is the safety strap that goes around the wrist for extra grip support.

    While there are any number of great self protection devices you can carry while exercising, these are our top choices for women who enjoy exercising outdoors.

    Visit Stilettos and Roses for a complete view of our self defense products.




  • How To Be Able To Tell The Difference Between A Stun Gun And Taser

    Many people, which includes some news media professionals, frequently make the mistake of equating stun devices and tasers. Although all tasers are stun devices there are some stun devices that are not tasers, with the two not being anywhere close to being equal. In this article we will be explaining the differences between stun devices and tasers so that you can decide which one you would like to use for your personal safety and self-defense.

    A stun gun is a type of non-lethal handheld self-defense weapon.  It is second in popularity behind pepper spray.  A stun gun has a low amperage and high voltage electrical charge that gets conducted through two prongs or more on one end of it.  The body's muscular system is short-circuited by the electrical charge which depletes blood sugars so that the attacker doesn't have any energy left for causing harm.

    A stun gun needs to be applied for 3-5 seconds to an attacker for the effects to occur. It is around 85% effective on average.  Its effects wear off in around 5 to 10 minutes, so they are not long-lasting, but it does give the intended victim plenty of time to escape and seek help.  The cost of stun devices range from right under $20 up to about $50.     

    Civilian Taser Pulse

    On the other hand, tasers shoot two electrified darts out to around 15 feet on civilian models.  These darts are connected to electrified wires with high amperage and low voltage which provides an almost 100% take down rate.  Tasers have been rated as being more effective than 9 mm handguns.

    Neural muscular incapacitation (NMI) is used to temporarily override the body's control and command systems in order to impair muscle control.

    A sophisticated pulse wave is also used that utilizes a high-voltage leading edge for penetrating barriers like clothing on the body and that is followed up with a stimulation pulse with lower voltage that causes neural muscular incapacitation.

    Around 90% of the total 18,000 U.S. law enforcement agencies, along with 10 foreign countries at least use tasers due to how effective they are.  Tasers, along with pepper sprays, are the main non-lethal self-defense weapons that law enforcement officers use. That is quite an endorsement.

    Tasers for the civilian market cost between low $275 up to $1,000.

    So as you can tell, there are big differences between the taser and stun gun in most categories ranging from size to effectiveness to price. The device that you choose could save your life, but either way will be an important component of your personal safety.

    The Taser Pulse is considered to be the civilian's taser. It makes a great self defense product for those who wish to immobilize the body, and make a way of escape, instead of using a lethal weapon that could possibly end a life.

  • Why College Students Need To Have Self Defense Devices To Protect Themselves

    Graduation is a great time of year for proud parents and family members.  We sit in the audience and wait to see our child on stage and walk over to receive their high school diploma. It makes our hearts swell with great pride and we look forward to the bright future that is ahead of them.

    Once the celebration is over and it's time for our child to go to college that is when our separation anxiety starts to kick in.  When they head out to an educational institution, possibly hundreds or thousands of miles away, they will be exposed to a world they might not be fully prepared for.   

    An administrator from a famous learning institution once said in a local news article that when going off to college and since it is the first time that they have lived away from home that they end up going to parties off campus or in the dorms and interacting with individuals that they don't know very well. They may invite someone back to their room sometimes after a party thinking it is someone they can trust, but things can end up going sideways when you don't really know them all that well.

    There is a Federal Law called the Jeanne Clery Act that requires college campuses to notify the U.S. Department of Education about every sexual assault incident.  Unfortunately, many colleges have admitted that their numbers are under reported. The law is named after a former 19-year-old college student named Jeanne Anne Clery who was tortured, raped and murdered inside of her dorm room about twenty-eight years ago.  As a result of this tragedy, the Clery family lobbied Congress to get the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act enacted.  It was enacted in 1999.  The law requires all universities and colleges participating in federal financial programs to disclose and keep information on crime near and on their campuses.  Unfortunately, this doesn't do much to protect young people's lives.  

    Campus Police do everything they can to fight the crimes, but due to under staffing and budget constraints, it can be difficult for them to be in all places at the same time. Incidents of underage drinking (which leads to alcohol-related deaths), sexual assault, and other kinds of violent crime have increased, even though they aren't widely reported.  The last thing that any parent wants is to get a call from campus police in the middle of the night to inform them of an incident involving their child.  It can be such a helpless feeling, but you don't have to be helpless.  First of all, educate your children, and second, given them the legal tools that can help them defend themselves from individuals who may try to take advantage of how young and vulnerable they are.

    Please check out our website http://www.stilettosandroses.com for a full self defense product line including TASER, stun guns, pepper sprays, personal alarms, survival gear, and dorm security.


  • Disguised Stun Guns Are A Good Choice for Women

    A disguised stun device functions the exact same way that a normal stun gun would work. It’s still a non lethal means to briefly deliver electrifying shock to an assailant’s body through voltage and amperage. The only real difference in a disguised stun gun is that when you first glance at it, you think it’s a common every day item.

    slider disguised stun gun flash drive

    When most people think of a stun device, they usually picture a rectangular shape in common colors such as black or blue, with one end being the stunning prongs used to electrify you. Now stun guns come in new designs that are much more hard to distinguish because they look like things such as pens, iphones, lipsticks, and even a USB flash drive (my personal favorite). These designs often have the extra added benefit of a flashlight that can be a first line of defense by blinding your assailant. These disguised models of stun devices can offer more security and keep you better protected for several reasons.


    If you go out in public while carrying a normal looking stun gun, you will likely receive looks from those in your community that might not approve of you openly carrying your stun device for the world to see. Like guns, there are just some in your community that will not approve of any type of defense weapon, even if it’s nonlethal.

    Carrying a common flash drive on your keychain, or holding a cell phone in your hand or laying it on the table next to you in a restaurant would not bring attention to yourself. Nobody would think twice about these items being openly displayed in public. What they won’t know is that you are actually carrying your self protection device openly. A disguised stun device keeps you from drawing unnecessary attention to yourself and your personal preparedness.

    Surprise Element

    Your attacker most definitely relies on the surprise element when they seek to attack you, but for them to be the one surprised is not something they would be thinking of.  Always being prepared by having your protection device handy and ready to use at all necessary times will be the surprise element if anybody ever thinks about approaching you to do harm to you. This gives you a huge advantage and will make it easier for you to counter the attack, stun the heck out of your attacker, and have ample time to get away.


    Disguised stun guns usually come with a safety factor. Some have a safety button you have to switch on to use the stunning device. These buttons or switches are usually easy to find and move with the feel of your thumb. Others also have a wrist strap that you place around your wrist for extra grip protection and in the event the stun device is yanked from your grasp, the wrist strap becomes detached and that disables the stun gun so the attacker cannot turn it around and use it on you.

    High Volts and Amps

    Stun guns come with many different volts and amps, but all are powerful enough to immobilize your assailant just long enough for you to get distance between you and them. The higher the voltage and stronger the amperage the more power you will have for stunning a person through thick clothing or jackets. But most stun guns will attack the central nervous system and give you time to get away without the guilt of doing permanent damage.

    Small Size

    Another benefit to disguised stun guns is that they are small or miniature in size. They are all small enough to carry in your pocket, in your bag, in your purse, or sometimes even small and light enough to carry on your keychain. The Slider stun gun USB flash drive is the smallest of the stun guns that I am aware of. It’s only 3 ½ inches long and a great option to carry in your pocket. It has a wrist strap safety feature and disables if pulled from your grip.


    The disguised stun gun designs are a favorite for those who want to carry a form of self protection in a discreet, non-attention getting way. They look like common items that you would see people with on a daily basis, but they keep you prepared and safe if, heaven forbid, the need were to ever arise.



  • Safety and Security Needs

    Every women has a basic need to feel safe and secure. We yearn to feel protected in our homes, our work environment, and in our everyday routines. Insecurity is the direct result of our increasingly violent society. National statistics tell us that about 1 in 3 women will be a victim of some sort of sexual violence within their lifetime. That is 33% of American women!

    I don't know about you, but that is a scary figure. I fear more for our young daughters just embarking on careers and adult life, or living the college campus life. Many are oblivious to the danger that is lurking and the disturbing statistic that they could become. This is unacceptable.

    You've heard the quote, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This is true when talking about safety and security needs. I'm thankful that women (and men) are beginning to stand up against the violence in our society. I'm thankful that there has been a month designated to bringing awareness to sexual assault and violence. I'm even thankful for the #metoo movement in the sense that it has emboldened women to speak out that might not have had the courage to do so before. All these things are good, but we must be careful to think that any of this is actual prevention. Instead of becoming a victim, I would rather see women take action against such violence by being responsible and arming themselves with an "ounce of prevention".

    I recommend that every women take some sort of self defense class, whether it's a martial art, or getting a concealed carry license. For women who might not be comfortable carrying a firearm, or who live in a city or state where law does not allow this, there are non-lethal self defense products as an alternative, such as stun guns or pepper sprays you can carry on your key chain. Singles ladies that live alone should have some sort of security system for their home or apartment. These are a few ways you can arm yourself.

    But what about being responsible? We seem to be living in a time when it's easier to blame others than to take any responsibility for our own actions. Women don't want to hear that provocative dress might be asking for sexual advances. Women don't want to hear that being out alone after midnight is not safe. I wish we could all raise mature, responsible men that respected women and would never lay a hand on them. But this is not reality. Reality is the disturbing statistic that 1 in 3 women will be sexually assaulted. We need to be teaching our girls to prepare themselves against such attacks, and keep themselves from situations or places that might be inviting. This is the most assured way to make sure the basic need for safety and security is met.


  • A Review of the Mace OC Spray Gun

    Mace® Pepper Gun - Matte Black with LED Strobe SALE --- SAVE 15% OFF MACE PEPPER GUNS--- COUPON CODE DEFENSE15 

    Pepper spray or OC spray guns make excellent additions to the arsenal of any individual who practices self-defense. And the Mace Pepper Gun is considered to be one of the best on the market. Here we will review this Mace Pepper Gun:

    1. Mace has been a long-standing name in the industry of pepper spray guns. Thus, this company has earned itself an excellent record when it comes to quality and the advancement of non-lethal self-defense products.

    2. The Mace Pepper Spray Gun is sized in a very similar way to a regular pistol, and it is designed to look as such. If you come across a would-be attacker while you have this gun, it could make them think twice about wanting to come upon you. And the good thing about the Mace Pepper Spray Gun is that it is still small enough to fit inside of your purse or even a pocket.

    3. The Mace Pepper Spray Gun is equipped with a cartridge that shoots 7 blasts up to 25 feet away. The technology that is used is a new one, and it is referred to as "Bag-n-a-can" technology. This gun makes it able to shoot a decent distance away while still enabling you to be accurate with your aim.

    4. This gun is very easy to load, and it possesses a safety switch for your convenience. In addition, you can holster this gun and a holster is available for it.

    5. A Water Test Cartridge comes with the Mace Pepper Spray Gun, which gives you the ability to practice your aim before you ever experience the need to protect yourself. This is an especially great feature for those who have never used a weapon before.

    6. The Mace Pepper Spray Gun also comes equipped with an LED light that allows you to see your attacker better. This aids you in your aim with the gun, and also provides you with the opportunity to temporarily blind him or her so that you can get away.

    7. Finally, the Mace Pepper Spray Gun comes in four colors, giving you the option to select one that fits you. The Blue/Black gun or Silver option resembles a real gun, which could be to your advantage. Of course, the choice is yours.

    We highly recommend the Mace OC Spray Gun as a non-lethal weapon for any man or woman who wants to practice self-defense. It is also able to be used as an animal spray for walkers or joggers. It is not an expensive weapon, and due to all of the fabulous features it comes with, it is truly worth having.

  • Self-Protection Safety Tips Women Can Learn and Use

    Given how many dangers are present in the modern world, it's simply not possible to be overly careful. Many articles online cover safety tips just for women. I routinely read just as many of them as I can. Even though a lot of the provided information proves repetitive, most of it is worth repeating. Every once in a blue moon, I even learn a new tip I'd never personally seen before. The following are some safety tips I think you should know. As is my case, you might have read some of them already in previous articles, but please keep reading. You never know when one of them might be new and the one that saves your life.

    Safety Tips for Women's Self Protection

    • You likely know that as women, we're largely an empathetic group. Don't most of us have tendencies against offending anyone? We prefer to nurture situations and hope things get better. It's a noble intention, but it's also the kind of conduct that might get you assaulted, raped, or killed. Serial killers often prey on unsuspecting women with a sympathetic nature. They might fake a weakness or a debilitating injury to gain sympathy from women and seek their assistance. They will appear to be nice, clean shaven, and educated…very normal and approachable. This is exactly how serial killer Ted Bundy abducted many of his victims. We need to know that offending someone is okay when it comes to being responsible for your own safety. Only you can take control of keeping yourself safe by not trusting in people you do not know to a point that you put yourself in danger.
    • Should you ever get thrown into a car trunk, do all you can to kick the tail lights out. Once there's a hole, stick a leg or arm out and then wave like crazy. Your driver isn't likely to see you, but others will. This particular technique has wound up saving lives.
    • If you are facing an assailant with a gun and you're able to get away from them, then run! Still targets aren't as easy for shooters to hit as movies and television make it look. Moving targets are even more difficult to hit. Running in a zig-zag motion is best. If you do happen to get hit, it's far less likely that you're facing a lethal wound.
    • With the exception of there being a fire, try taking the elevator over the stairs. Climbing stairs might be great for your cardio needs, but it can also be a magnet for criminal activity.
    • Fight back with whatever you can. Do you have a weapon for self-defense, like a stun gun? Keep it close by and be ready to use it. If you don't currently have one, then just use what you're able to, even including body parts you can physically make contact with. Heel spikes, elbow thrusts, and headbutts are all great options.
    • If any mugger demands your purse, wallet, or other personal belonging, never just hand it off to them. Toss things away from your own body before you run in the opposite direction. Odds are good that the thug is more focused on your money than going after you.
    • If you get in a car in a parking lot at a store or mall, never just sit there. You're a sitting target if you fiddle with the radio or check your makeup. Start the vehicle and then get on your way. Use a safer, later location to make your adjustments. Keep in mind that predators tend to watch their prey before striking.
    • If someone is actually able to get inside your car with you before putting a gun to your head, keep in mind that you don't have to comply with their demands in terms of chosen location. Rather, be sure you have your seat belt on before speeding up and then intentionally wrecking your car by colliding with a stationary object. This will deploy your airbag, and your odds of surviving this are higher than being abducted. This definitely sounds counter-intuitive, but it's saved lives when done before.
    • More than everything else, always be mindful of your current surroundings, never assuming something can't wind up happening to you. And purchase at the very least some form of non lethal self defense weapon, such as a taser, stun gun, pepper spray, or personal alarm to carry with you at all times.

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