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Welcome to Stilettos and Roses

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It's so important these days for women to be alert, on guard and vigilant when it comes to their personal safety. Far too many women will face the nightmare of assault, rape or possibly even murder each year in the United States. Thus, it is critical that women stay on guard in the face of potential danger or else be susceptible to the unthinkable. Failure to prepare is often all that separates victims from those who emerge victorious. There is no room for women to let their guard down. This is true regardless of an individual's physical fitness, age or perceived defensive abilities. Steering clear of threatening scenarios and being willing to engage in self defense when needed are the keys.

Females stand a much greater likelihood of being the subject of a criminal attack than males are. The reason is that culprits often assume that women are easier to overcome and are not fast enough in their response. Never let these assumptions be correct. Vigilance is vital, and self defense education is invaluable. Remain alert at all times, no matter the surroundings. Further, the purchase of one or more women's self defense products currently available is also something to be considered as an effective means to stay safe. Stilettos and Roses offers some of the best self defense products on the market.




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